Jessie Askinazi is a photographer, journalist, writer, performer and artist who resides in Los Angeles, California.

Her work has appeared both in print and digitally for Purple, Vogue Italia, Bullett, Bust, Whitewall, Filter, Grazia, Zink, Thought Catalog and more. She is currently the Content Editor of an art and literature print journal about mental health called DOLL HOSPITAL.

Jessie's lifelong compulsion has always been to share stories in creative ways, and this path is a living, breathing process; one that flows through multiple mediums and with no end. To her, all forms of self-expression are branches of the same tree.

Her work is a relentless pursuit to burst through society's limitations and conventions. Addicted to exploring both the light and dark sides of human behavior equally, she strives to exist in our most natural state, free from judgment and repression, and encourages others to do the same.

Over the years, she has collected rich life experience and has managed to hang on to her child-like impulses. Instead of being trapped by her complex imagination, she chooses to be generous with it and inspire others.

No matter what she has endured, she always remains true to her somewhat unconventional value system and fights for what really counts.